Rockton Software Preference Options


Provides information on the options in the Rockton Software Preferences window.

More Information:

The Rockton Software Preferences window is available under Help | Rockton Software Support and then click Settings | Rockton Software Preferences.

Settings for all users

  • Enable sending usage statistics to Rockton Software – this option is currently not functional.
  • Enable logging of install or uninstall – this will notify Rockton Software when you install or uninstall any of our products. This information is used so we know which builds customers have installed. This would allow Rockton Software to notify customers if an issue is found that requires a more proactive notification regarding fixes and new features.  Typically, this is not needed.
  • Enable the ability to create a support case – allows users to be able to create a support case from the Rockton Software Support window. When this option is enabled, a hyperlink to Open a new Support Case is available in the Rockton Software Support window.

User-specific settings

The setting is used to turn off the check for newer builds process that occurs when you log into Dynamics GP.

  • User – select the user ID for the user you wish to assign the setting.
  • Enable check for newer builds at the login – mark or unmark the option for the user. Unmarking will disable the option.
  • Registration check option – choose whether to ask next time, tomorrow, or never to check registration.

Note: for more information on disabling the check for newer builds, see the KB Article: How to disable the “Checking for newer builds” message.