Rockton Software Preference Options


Provides information on the options in the Rockton Software Preferences window.

More Information

The Rockton Software Preferences window is available under Help | Rockton Software Support. From that window, click Settings | Rockton Software Preferences.

Settings for all users

  • Enable the ability to create a support case – allows users to be able to create a support case from the Rockton Software Support window. When this option is enabled, a hyperlink to Open a new Support Case is available in the Rockton Software Support window.

User-specific settings

The setting is used to turn off the check for newer builds process that occurs when you log into Dynamics GP.

  • User – select the user ID for the user you wish to assign the setting.
  • Enable check for newer builds at the login – mark or unmark the option for the user. Unmarking will disable the option.
  • Registration check option – choose whether to ask next time, tomorrow, or never to check registration.

Note: for more information on disabling the check for newer builds, see the KB Article: How to disable the “Checking for newer builds” message.

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