Performance issues with Auditor

You are using Auditor and are wanting to know if it will affect the performance of Dynamics GP.

In general, performance degradation will not be an issue for most users of Auditor.

Auditor has the ability to track a ton of information, however, we highly recommend that you do not audit everything. Not only will the Audit Log fill up very fast, but auditing everything could cause issues with performance. Instead, you will not discuss as a team what it is you need to audit.

Form Audits

In general, using a Form Audit shows a non-noticeable affect on performance and speed. Auditing is done real-time, therefore, a small amount of processing occurs each time a user enters and exits a field. Only a very fast typist who changes several fields in rapid succession would notice any performance degradation, and this is highly unlikely to be noticed at all.

Table and SQL Table Audits

When auditing using a Table or SQL Table Audit, it is unlikely that you will experience performance degradation unless you are auditing transaction information and posting large batches. If you are auditing a table where users are editing one record at a time using data entry screens, the effect is not noticeable. However, if you are posting a batch of transactions, and auditing each record, you may notice a slight delay in processing.

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