Parts of an Omni Price Contract


This KB article provides the basic parts of a Contract within Omni Price and the following parts: Contract, Contract Header, Contract Lines, Tree.


The Contract Maintenance window is split into two sections; the Contract Header and the Pricing Matrix.
-The Pricing Matrix is then used to specify what pricing methods and prices should be applied to which items.

To open the Contract Maintenance window in Dynamics GP, you can do one of the following:

1.  Go to Cards | Omni Price | Contracts

Below is an example of a setup Contract in Omni Price.

Contract Header-
The Contract Header includes the Contract ID, Description, Priority, Active Modules and the Markdown Mode. It also includes how Customers, Items, Dates and Transactions are selected.

Contract Lines (Pricing Matrix) and Tree- 
The Pricing Matrix is the bottom half of the Contract Maintenance window. It is used to describe exactly what price changes are required for Contract ID in question.

The tree, which is seen on the lower-left side, can be used to change the view of the Pricing Matrix to only show a subset of all the items included in the list on the right-hand side.  If the Item Number, Site ID, Currency ID, Price Level or Unit of Measure fields are left blank, that line will apply for all values of the fields left empty.

-The Tree in the Pricing Matrix is loaded in the background, so for contracts with a large number of line items you may see a progress bar below the tree that indicates how much of the tree has been loaded.

-Refer to the Omni Price Manual for more information on setting up a Contract.

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