Omni Price Reports

What types of reports can Omni Price provide?

There are several reports that Omni Price can produce and several criteria’s that can be set. The following are the various reports available. Anything other than what these reports produce will require a custom report to be written.

WDC Contract Setup Report – shows the Contract set up by Contract ID.
Accessible: Cards>>Omni Price>>Contract by opening the Contract and clicking the Print button.

WDC Filter Setup Reports – Shows Filter setups for each Filter (Item, Customer, Date, and Additional Filter windows.
Accessible: Cards>>Omni Price>>Item Filter or Customer Filter or Date Filter or Additional Filter windows by clicking on the Print button. You can enter a fairly specific criteria for each Filter, including Ranges (e.g., Items range for ITEMS Filter), and exclusions.

WDC Price Group Setup Report – Shows the Product Group Setup.
Accessible: Tools>>Setup>>Omni Price>>Product Group Setup.

WDC Price Group Item Report by Group – Shows the product group item by Product Group or Item Number.
Accessible: Tools>>Setup>>Omni Price>>Item Product Setup.

WDC Pricing Transaction Inquiry Report – Shows the transactions by a selected range (e.g., Document Date, Secondary Document Date, No range, Customer ID, Item Number, Currency ID, Contract ID and Transaction Number.
Accessible: Inquiry>>Omni Price>>Pricing Transactions

WDC Price Check Report – Shows Contracts by Customer ID and Item Number.
Accessible: Inquiry>>Omni Price>>Price Check

WDC Price List Reports– Shows Price List based on Customer ID and Price List ID (set up via Price List Maintenance window criteria).
Accessible: Reports>>Omni Price>>Price Lists