Limited Users in Rockton Software products

The recent Software Bug regarding Limited Users in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and GP 2015 has been resolved.

Note that the latest builds, which are listed below, resolved the issue where Limited Users were not allowed to open certain required windows, resulting in error messages and reduced functionality.

Dynamics GP 2013 R2
Dynamics GP Toolbox-12.0.1005
Dynamics Report Manager-12.0.1007
Omni Price-12.0.1009

Dynamics GP 2015
Dynamics GP Toolbox-14.0.2
Dynamics Report Manager-14.0.2
Omni Price-14.0.2

If you are not currently on the latest builds, which are listed above, please go through the following steps:

  1. Have full backups made prior to going through any steps.
  2. Download the latest build – or builds – from our Product Downloads page.
    Be sure to download the correct product build that corresponds with your Dynamics GP version.
  3. Install the build(s) like you would install any other build.  Take a look at the following Knowledge Base article which goes through install the steps.
    Knowledge Base article: Installing a Rockton Software product: First install or installing the latest build/newest versionNotes:
    To check your current Rockton Software product -or products- build(s) while in Dynamics GP, go to Help [Alt + H] | Rockton Software Support.

    If you have any further questions regarding this, please reach out to the Rockton Software Support team and include ‘GP Limited Users’ in the subject line.