How to change the Auditor menu location

Can I change the menu location of Auditor?

Yes, you can change the menu location of Auditor after it has been installed by following these steps.

Note:  This applies to GP 8, GP 9 and GP 10 build 15 or earlier. In later GP versions, the menu shows under Tools>Setup>Auditor for those with the Admin Auditor role assigned.

1. Log out of Great Plains
2. Open the Dex.ini with Notepad
3. Locate the following line item: RSALocation
4. Change the number to:

0 = None
1 = System
2 = Utilities

Depending upon where you would like the Auditor to appear on the menu.

5. Save the changes
6. Log back into Great Plains and the options will be in the location that you chose in step 4.

Note:  If you do not see the RSALocation line item in the Dex.ini file, this indicates that the user that installed the software was not logged into GP as ‘sa’ or DYNSA, which is required for GP 9 and GP 10 through build 10.0.15.  Starting with Auditor build 10.0.16, a user is not required to log into GP to install Auditor as ‘sa’ or DYNSA, but they MUST be logged in as a user who is either in the AUDITOR ADMIN or POWERUSER Security role for navigation to ever show up. In addition, they need to be a User that has permission to run the install process in order to get prompted for where to add the navigation, and SQL rights to create or update the tables.

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