Citrix Environment: Using the Inactivity Timeout tool


You are using a Citrix environment and are wanting to know if the Inactivity Timeout tool can still be used. 

The Inactivity Timeout tool can be used in a Citrix environment.  However, Dynamics GP needs to be running by at least one user in order to kick other users out of the system.

Expect to see ‘Stranded Users’, which are users who have ended their Citrix connection and also have lost the Dynamics GP instance running, to be kick out of the system after their time is up.  

This is necessary in order for the Inactivity Timeout tool to check for such statuses.  If all users are out of Dynamics GP, for example over the weekend, the first user to log into Dynamics GP on, let’s say, Monday will trigger another check for any stranded users.  If any are found, they will be kicked out of the system.