Accessing the Audit Log Information


Describes where the information for the Audit Log is stored.

More Information:

The Audit Log information is stored in the RSAS015 table. You may archive the Audit Log information to an XML file by using the Auditor Table Archive/Purge feature in the Audit Setup window. Once the Audits are archived to XML, you can use whatever you want to view them. It is just a storage mechanism. You could use Excel, Word, an SML viewer, import them into a database, or just about anything imaginable.

Archiving is a simple process. You will query what you want to archive or purge and once you have done that, you will click on the Archive or Purge buttons. These button actions will either remove the records from the Audit Log table if you chose Purge, or transfer them to your XML file if you chose Archive. The Audit log table will no longer contain these records.

For more information on using the Auditor Table Archive/Purge see KB article: Using Auditor’s Archive/Purge Feature

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