Auditor is not tracking user login activity

Auditor is not tracking User Login even though an audit has been set up on the User Activity table.

Auditor will not track User logins using a Table Audit. In order to use a Table audit, GP must be running so that Auditor may track. The only logins it would track are those done through a soft login. Meaning, if you are already logged into GP and you click on the User ID, GP opens the login window where you would log in as a different User.

More Information:
To track hard logins, meaning logins that are from launching a new session of GP, you will need to set up an Audit Group with a SQL Table audit for the User Activity table. Note that SQL table audits will not show the Company the User is logging into on the SmartList window.

Note:  For more information on creating a SQL Table Audit to track User Activity see KB article:  Setting up a SQL Table Audit to Track User Activity

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