Using an E-Sign Signature to a Button on a Window

Provides information on how to assign an E-Sign signature to a button on a window.

Certain button fields have a property called “hyperspace” enabled on them. The “hyperspace” property disables some functionality that the wizard relies upon to process. The Delete Button and the Clear button on some windows usually have this property turned on, so they don’t allow a Signature to be placed upon them using the wizard.

As a work-around, you can assign the Signature to another field on the window and then manually change it to the Delete button (or whatever button to which you are trying to assign a Signature).  You may have to find an appropriate field by trial and error, but often the Save button or OK button will work for this purpose. 

  1. While in the Signature Assignment Wizard, click on any field on the window to which you are trying to assign a Signature (e.g. the Save Button).  The name of the field should appear in the Assign Signature dialog.  If it  does not, or if the Assign Signature button in the lower-right does not become active, then try another field.
  2. Assign your Signature to this field by clicking the Assign Signature button. Then close the Assign Signature dialog.
  3. In the E-Sign Signature Assignment window, find the Signature record you just added.  Be sure to select the correct Product and Signature from the drop-downs at the top of the window.
  4. Select that record and click the Edit Assignment button.
  5. Manually change the value in Field to Delete Button or whatever the name of the field is that you want to assign.  Note that you must match the name of the button field exactly, including case.  You may need to open the window in Modifier in order to see what the name of the button field actually is.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.

If you have created a button using Modifier, due to a bug the e-sign feature will not work. Our Developers are working on a fix for this. As a work-around for this issue, please use a dexterity customization to create your button.

More Information:
If you are using a one of the versions below or higher, a new feature has been added that allows E-Sign to work on some buttons.


For more information on setting up and using E-Sign Approvals with a window button, see the KB: How to Setup and Use E-Sign Signature Approvals on a Window Button.

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