Dynamics GP Toolbox

27 Tools in one convenient package

Dynamics GP Toolbox

27 Tools in one convenient package

As awesome as Microsoft Dynamics GP is, you’ve been asking for a few things (or like 27) to make it really awesome. We’ve got your back, friends. Dynamics GP Toolbox, one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons, is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

How Toolbox Makes Your

Work Simpler & Easier®  

  • Security Manager Administrators can create password policies, inactivity rules, report on and manage security, and so much more.
  • System and IT Administrators can manage full system lockouts, create user groups, manage versions of all 3rd party products and more.
  • Accounting Managers can setup Payables payment approvals, review and modify batches across multiple modules, and manage fiscal periods and more.
  • All users can see navigation information from any window, create pop-up notes, and it includes other powerful tools to improve the user experience.

What can Toolbox do for you?


extended capabilities

Get more from your Dynamics GP investment with extended capabilities

self-service tools

Give users self-service tools that enable them to be more productive


Utilize your GP licenses more effectively



Prevent unauthorized access and activity

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