What Do You Get with Our Annual Maintenance Agreement?

Mar 1, 2023

rockton annual maintenance agreement

We strive to make our product prices competitive and fair, yet attainable for your business. We don’t hide our prices and we don’t have hidden costs that will surprise you after the purchase. Click the “Price Guide” on any of our products to see what it would cost you. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we want our customers to know exactly what you are paying for each year, including our Annual Maintenance Agreement.

First, How Much Does Cost?

Each tool is unique and thus, the prices may be slightly different. We offer traditional pricing model, perpetual model licensing, and monthly subscription options. However, we do base our pricing for the Microsoft Dynamics GP products on how many full users (all you limited users don’t count!) are registered in your system. In addition, purchasing a Rockton tool for the first time requires an Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA), which is 20% of the current product price.

Here is an example of what you would pay with the AMA:

*This does not reflect our actual prices. Please, refer to the current Price Guide for up-to-date pricing.

If you have 10 full system GP users, at $270 per user, the current product price would be $2,700. The AMA would be 20% of the total amount which equals $540. In this example, you would be responsible for $3,240. Note that this would only be the price for the first year. Afterwards, the AMA is 20% of the current product price per user.

Why Do We Include the Annual Maintenance Agreement?

We are providing you the most affordable price option to give you premium service. The AMA help us make sure your Rockton Software products are running smoothly year after year – even if you change GP versions. Rockton’s AMA gives you unlimited technical support and free product enhancements along with upgrade protection.

Unlimited Technical Support

A current AMA gives you and your Microsoft partner unlimited access to our talented technical support team, available to assist you by phone, email, and web streaming from 7 am to 4 pm MT Monday through Friday.

This is a big deal because most customers reach out to our support team three to five times a year, with larger companies contacting us quite a bit more. Without the AMA in place, a typical support case costs $250 or more per case. In the above example, after two cases, your Annual Maintenance Agreement has nearly paid for itself in support alone. Plus, our customers consistently report satisfaction ratings over 95% in follow-up surveys after a support case has been closed.

Your Microsoft Partner may be more familiar with your third-party products and the specifics of your GP system, but we are more than happy to provide whatever direct support is needed.

Product Enhancements and Upgrade Protection

Be the first to know when a new build is available with our Annual Maintenance Agreement. At Rockton Software, we constantly modify, expand, and improve our products. With a current AMA, you can upgrade your Rockton products for FREE by downloading the new version and installing your upgrade key. You can request new keys from within Dynamics GP, in the Product Download section, on our Partner Portal, or by emailing sales@rocktonsoftware.com. Download the newest version of your Rockton Product, install your new key, and you’re done!

What Happens If You Let Your Annual Maintenance Agreement Lapse?

If AMA is neglected and becomes lapsed, not all hope is lost. While you will not be eligible for the benefits listed above (support, enhancements, and upgrades – oh my!), our team will happily get you back on track. For example, if you need to add an additional user, require support help, or have upgraded to a newer version of Dynamics GP, working with our sales team will help you raise your AMA from the dead. Please note that in doing so, you will be responsible for penalties incurred by the prior missed payments.

Don’t Forget – We’re Here to Help.

When you’re happy, we’re happy. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Also, take a gander at our Dynamics GP tools and all their superpowers. If you have time to read about them, this is a goodie. No time? No problem – watch a minute video.

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