Did you know that the cost of living is the highest it has been in 40 years? Thank you, inflation! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS for short) reported the producer price index to have increased 0.4% in September from August, and it doesn’t look like it’s cooling down.

“Price pressures remain elevated and volatile, particularly for food and gas, given the ongoing war in Ukraine and ongoing supply chain disruptions,” Matthew Martin, a U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, told the Wall Street Journal.

What does that mean? A consumer will feel the heat in their bank account or in their wallet. A wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or supplier will adjust their prices in their systems. This process could take a bit… unless they have Rockton Price Management.

Back It Up – What Do Wholesale Prices Have to Do with Inflation?

Inflation starts with wholesale prices. A wholesale price is the cost businesses pay producers and manufacturers for goods, setting the stage for if the prices have risen, declined, or are stagnant. Businesses will purchase from producers and manufacturers at a lower price, then turn around and sell the goods at a higher price. So, the wholesale price is the first domino to fall. Wholesalers rely on volume to make their profit, which explains why they are commonly more than happy to provide a small mark up in price if it means they can sell more goods. Whereas businesses sell the items to pay their bills and keep their doors open.

How Do You Know the Prices are Inflated?

The PPI (an acronym for producer price index) tells us. It measures price changes before customers purchase final goods and services. In other words, it measures inflation from the viewpoint of the producers; the average selling price they receive for their output over a period. To make this measurement less complicated, BLS publishes the index every month. No calculator required. They base their findings on approximately 100,000 monthly price quotes reported voluntarily online by more than 25,000 systematically sampled producer establishments.

How to Change Wholesale Prices in Seconds

Since wholesale prices constantly change, and are increasing at rapid speed, wouldn’t it be nice to upload an entire price sheet with the current prices for the certain dates? It’s possible with Rockton Pricing Management. The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP system!) pricing solution ever available can make changing wholesale prices simpler and easier. Don’t believe us? See for yourself – book a one-on-one demo. Not ready to commit? No worries, check out Rockton Pricing Management’s features here. Want to see how many pricing strategies you manage in a day? Download our free Pricing Strategies Checklist. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re here to help you work simpler and easier®.

What is segregation of duties? A quick definition for those of you who don’t know — segregation of duties is the principle that no single person is given authority to execute two conflicting duties. It is designed to prevent fraud and error by splitting the responsibilities between different people. One person could claim expenses while another would approve them. Another example would be separating roles that manage cash deposits from customers and reconciliation of those deposits with sales records. While we were discussing this topic within our team, one team member proposed a fun analogy: what if we explained segregation of duties, or separation of duties, within Dynamics GP as if it were The Hunger Games?

Relating Segregation of Duties to The Hunger Games

We’re not suggesting you throw all your GP users into the conference room and see who makes it out alive. Rather, humor us and pretend for the next five minutes that you find yourself in Panem, the futuristic civilization created by Suzanne Collins in her book trilogy.

For those that didn’t fly through the books or watch the movies (here’s the trailer), Panem is comprised of 13 districts. Each district is responsible for providing specific goods or services for the entire country, such as transportation, power, lumber, textiles, etc. This works because everyone sticks to their expertise and the result is harmony in the country. That’s the point we’re trying to make, not the whole fight-to-the-death part.

Now, imagine what those 13 districts would look like if they were users in Dynamics GP: Payroll clerk, Payroll manager, Payables clerk, Payables manager, and so on. Each user has their own responsibilities that contribute to a system that runs smoothly and efficiently while minimizing the risk of fraud. Let us show you how you can implement segregation of duties in Dynamics GP and create harmony between the metaphorical districts.

Define the districts.

Firstly, you would need to separate the one task into two or more phases, jobs, or components. The goal is that no one individual should have complete control over a process. For example, there are two districts in the system for Payables Invoices and Payables Checks. One district enters invoices in Payables Transaction Entry and Purchase Order Entry. The other district enters checks in Select Computer Checks and Payables Manual Payment. What are your districts?

Create a process for segregation of duties.

Once you’ve defined your districts, you can create a process in Dynamics GP to help segregate the duties. In the example provided above, you would need to create two Group IDs in Segregation of Duties. To do this, you can either import in a Security Task or by importing in a previously defined Segregation of Duty Group. Then, define and assign the Exclusions. A user should not be able to do another user’s task, duty, or responsibility. In order to keep the districts separated, you would need to create an Exclusion ID between the two of them.

Ensure your districts are segregated and running efficiently.

Running and reviewing reports can help you identify where a conflict exists for the user(s) between the groups you have set up to be excluded from one another. You can check the Segregation of Duties Conflicts report and the User Segregation of Duties Conflicts report to see if any tasks overlap. The Segregation of Duties Conflicts report is per Exclusion and will tell you all of the Users who have access to at least one of the Forms selected in each of the two districts that have an exclusion between them. The User Segregation of Duties Conflicts report is per User and Exclusion, which will tell you when a User has access to at least one of the Forms selected in each of the two districts that have an exclusion between them.

Add an extra layer of security.

To aid segregation of duties and enhance your security, Auditor can help you track, audit, authorize, and report changes. Adding Auditor to Dynamics GP, you would have the ability to ensure specific changes are authorized with built-in E-sign electronic signature, require users to write a note of explanation when they change or update a field, and track data changes at the table or SQL level. Learn more about Auditor here or schedule a one-on-one demo to see if it really can help you separate duties.

Setting up and maintaining security in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the responsibility of the GP Administrator. If you want to ensure information security, this isn’t something that should be placed on the back burner. Each of your employees can be assigned a user role in the company, and the GP Administrator can set up security based on those roles. Taking the time to understand how each role will function in the company and setting up security parameters based on those roles will not only mitigate risk, but also ensure your employees are performing their job and duties correctly. 

Here Are a Few Tips to Get Your GP Administrator Started and Ensure Information Security

  1. Create Security Tasks specific to the actions your employees/users are performing. Keep each Security Task unique. For example: a user needs to enter Payroll Transactions.  
    • Create a Security Task called Payroll_Trx_Entry. 
  2. Now, create Security Roles specific to the roles in your company. For example: a user manages the payroll department.  
    • For this Security Role, you could name it Payroll_Mgr. 
  3. Next, assign the appropriate Security Task(s) to the Security Role(s). 
  4. Finally, assign the Security Roles you’ve created to your employees/users. 

Over time, you might find employees/users needing access to different windows or reports. We recommend verifying that they should have security to it, then reviewing which current Security Task and Security Role has access to it. Once you’ve vetted the request, create and/or assign security as needed. 

What About New Users?

When adding new employees/users in the system who will be working in the same roles as other users, you can reduce the set-up time by using the “copy features” in the User Setup Window. Additionally, you will ensure information security by using the parameters you have already created. 

information security in dynamics gp

For more advice for Dynamics GP Admins just like this, download our new eBook, 8 Tricks of the Trade for Microsoft Dynamics GP Administrators, that is chalk full of tips that every Dynamics GP Administrator will find helpful in their daily routines.

Have you found yourself in a pickle while using any of our products? Our decades-long experience can help you find a way out. To do that, you’ll need to create a support case. We’ll walk you through how to create an efficient and effective support case so our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team can help you. The more we know, the better we can help. Of course, we do understand that there are some instances of where you cannot provide a ton of information right away, and that’s okay. Take a look at the following information that we’ve put together to make life a little easier when you’re creating a new support case.

How to Create a Support Case

To create a Support Case, you can call, email, or create a case within the Rockton Software product(s) that you’re using. Here’s how you can contact us:

  • Call us at 877-476-2586, or, if you are from outside the United States, call us at 208-263-5288.
  • Email us at support@rocktonsoftware.com
  • Create a support case inside the product by clicking the “Help” in the Rockton Software Support window.

Here’s What We Need From You and How to Find It

Below are a few different tips and tricks that our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team has found to be most helpful when working on and troubleshooting a support case.

Provide Version and Build Information

This helps us know the exact versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the builds of the Rockton Software product(s) that you’re currently using so we can support you in our fullest capacity. To find the Microsoft Dynamics version from within Dynamics GP, click “Help” or press [Alt + H] at the same time. Then, click “About Microsoft Dynamics GP” and this screen will pop-up.

open support case

To find the current Rockton Software product build, you can go to Help [Alt + H] and click on Rockton Software Support.

microsoft dynamics gp support case

Another option is to go to Tools drop down menu and find Setup, then Product, and Product Setup and you’ll find it in the top part of your screen like so.

rockton product version

Always Include Details

Leave a description of the issue you’re having along with any troubleshooting steps, blogs, or Knowledge Base articles, which you have already tried. If you haven’t tried those, we encourage you to browse Knowledge Base to potentially find an answer quick. Be sure to include reproduction steps if the issue or situation can be recreated.

Here’s some examples of details that would be helpful for our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team to know:

  • The issue only occurs on one workstation
  • The issue is occurring for specific users
  • It all started happening after an update was applied
  • A new product was recently installed

We suggest to also include a copy of your DYNAMICS.SET file to allow us to see what other products you’re currently using. Note: You can quickly copy and paste your Launch file right from the Help [Alt + H] in the Rockton Software Support window shown below.

script log for microsoft dynamics gp support

Screenshots and Scripts are Very Helpful

If you’re receiving specific error messages or having a specific issue, take a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing. You can also try to capture a Script Log or a dexSQL.log of when the error is being thrown. Feel free to ask us how to create a Script Log.

We’re Happy to Help

Once the support case has been sent to our support team for Microsoft Dynamics GP, we will find the solution and get in touch with you shortly. Check to see which Microsoft Dynamics GP versions we do support and take advantage of our training and implementation services that can get your questions answered and assist with Dynamic GP modules.

rockton software slam dunk

Guest Post: Written By Tom Weaver, Financial Systems Manager at Excelsior College

For those of you who might need a visual, let me paint a picture. I’m a proud Microsoft Dynamics GP user, but sometimes I run into some limitations, or for the sake of this analogy, an intimidating rival team. This is where I lean on the all-star team at Rockton Software. With their incredible add-on software, I’m sure to score a game winning slam dunk.  

Dynamics GP Toolbox creates a Well-Rounded Team  

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an incredible ERP, but to really help my team soar, we needed some tricks up our sleeve to score big. Dynamics GP add-on Toolbox enhances our team’s functionality. Our centers in the paint feel supported with added security tools while defending the basket. Our shooting guards and small forwards drain three pointers thanks to accelerated administrative and business processes. The whole team runs plays like clockwork with a simplified and enhanced user experience. With so many tools in one convenient package, this add-on was a no brainer for our team on their path to success. 

Read About All 27 Tools in Dynamics GP Toolbox 

Dribble, Pass, Shoot with SmartFill  

When I’m looking for a specific player to pass the ball to, but I’m having trouble finding them, the Rockton team is there with Rockton’s Dynamics GP add-on SmartFill. Some of the benefits of this incredible tool include:  

  • Finding information up to 83% faster – it’s like a Google-style data search tool  
  • All I need is a few letters of a name or part of an item ID – matches show up immediately  
  • Increased productivity – 4,000 pre-defined lookups are built-in, but you can also create custom lookups on the fly when you need them the most  

This tool is a no brainer when I need to find the perfect player to take the shot.  

Learn More about Smart Fill 

Auditor: The Best Defense is a Good Offense  

Do you often face compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation? Try zone defense with the data-change management tool, Auditor. Intuitive setup and flexible tracking options let you decide what level and type of tracking is best for you. (Track it. Audit it. Authorize it. Report it.) When the auditor, or rival team, throws the ball in, your team can use a full court press. By following auditor protocol, all zones will be covered.  

Get in Formation with Auditor 

The Ball is in Your Court  

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the incredible Rockton team as we bounce-pass ideas back-and-forth for new features. I never feel as if my shot has been blocked or that I’m going to be called for a backcourt violation. Rockton takes their time with my questions and every turnover evolves into a win because of their vast knowledge. I can’t imagine Microsoft Dynamics GP without Rockton Software and their all-star team and products.  

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What’s so sweet about these suite savings?

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How will I decide?

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  • SmartFill: Find information up to 83% faster with our quick and easy google-style data search tool
  • Auditor: Changes happen, now you have a way to track them all
  • Dynamics GP Toolbox: Over 25 tools in one convenient package to enhance the Dynamics GP user experience
  • Dynamics Report Manager: any report, any time, any place
  • Omni Price: Manage nearly every pricing situation you can think of, and a bunch you haven’t

Make it a double…scoop!

If you’ve found a couple products you’d like add to your Dynamics GP System, it’s time to get in touch with our sales team. Our team is standing by to provide you with whatever you may need: a one-on-one demo, a quote, or more information on our products in general. Contact our team at sales@rocktonsoftware.com. This offer is valid through August, 31st 2018.

Bob McAdam and Dynamic Communities have done a fine job carrying the GP Tech Conference torch forward this year in Fargo, ND. The sessions were about what I expected and I came away with a few choice tidbits. This year’s event was organized pretty much the same as past Fargo GP conferences; it really didn’t miss a beat.

The Conference

From my perspective, I’m glad there wasn’t an overwhelming focus on Dynamics 365. There was though, lots of good stuff on PowerApps and I hope they expand the capabilities there at some point as it shows some serious potential.

Tuesday ended with a nice panel discussion touching on development processes and best practices that saw a lot of audience participation.

Wednesday’s high point for me was David Musgrave’s and Mariano Gomez’s 25 tips/tricks/hacks/reminders session. I picked up a half-dozen or so new things, and that’s saying something considering I’ve been a Dex guy for 23 years now!  Mariano stepped out on his own later that afternoon to talk about innovative work he has done with automating build processes in the Cloud using Team Foundation Services.

Finally, the conference finished with a bang on Thursday as Steve Endow presented a fantastic session on optimizing SQL queries.

The Fun

As always, it was great to see the usual standbys in the halls and at the after hours events. Tuesday night’s entertainment was courtesy of eOne and Hennessy’s Irish Pub. They had some yummy Indian food for the sampling.  Adios Pantalones sounded great, but I spent most of my time out on the back deck trying to teach a bunch of amateurs how to play 2×4 Jenga.  (I’m tellin’ ya – just rip it out like you’re tearing off a band aid!)  Then some lovely folks from Greenshades taught me a thing or two about a little game called, “Drink While You Think.”  Or was it “Think While You Drink”?  I’ll have to ask again next time I play with them (thanks Molly and gang!).

The Karaoke

Wednesday’s blowout at the Pickled Parrot, sponsored by PowerGP Online, didn’t disappoint: good conversation, good times, and a lot of karaoke. Our very own rock star, Alicia, killed it with Bettie Davis Eyes and I’m told I didn’t embarrass myself with The Beatles’ A Ticket To Ride. So, emboldened, I subjected the crowd to a second helping of Beatles with Happiness Is a Warm Gun. Then I outgrew my britches, as they say, and attempted Three Dog Night. Fortunately Mariano and Rachael Brancich saved me from myself on that one.

Looking forward to the next conference in Fargo!  Great job Bob and Dynamic Communities!

Well here we go, August 21, 2017 has arrived! I’m writing this blog during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from my living room near Denver, Colorado. I’ve got NASA TV on my television, my blinds all fully open, the sun streaming through my windows… for now. I’m not in the path of totality, but I’m in store for a 93% solar eclipse. It’s been 90 years since the last total solar eclipse spanned the United States, marking today’s event as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that I will not be missing!

So what does any of this have to do with Rockton Software?

This momentous event has brought science to the forefront of the United States. Not only has it sparked meaningful conversations, but it has propelled action, with millions of people traveling to cities across the US for a chance to see the eclipse in its totality.

Television coverage is referring to the events organized along the path of totality as “Woodstock for nerds”. But that’s just it, this isn’t a nerd exclusive event. Everyone is getting in on the action, everyone seems to be inspired, no matter their social standing or educational background. Perhaps the best part is many have made today’s viewing a family affair, exposing their children to this celestial phenomenon. Impressionable child or full-grown adult, there is no doubt that seeing this eclipse is cool. Chalk one up for science.

A win for science is really a win for the entire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community.

After today’s event, I hope that even a few more young people will be inspired to pursue an education in STEM related disciplines. I hope that parents and mentors will encourage those children to chase their dreams, in hopes of expanding our resource pool for groundbreaking discoveries.

Today, science was a nationwide rock star with a sold out crowd. Let us bask in that until next time!

Ring! Ring! The school bells are ringing.


For many of us, our first days of school are long gone, but that doesn’t mean the buzz is any less invigorating.


My favorite part of a new school year wasn’t the new clothes, but rather the school supplies shopping trip. There were a few reasons this ritual will hold a special place in my heart. For starters, there was almost always a post-shopping feast at Taco Time to look forward too. Secondly, I thrived off the chaos of the crowded aisles, inspiring me to grab the last bright pink notebook before the girl next to me could. And finally, I loved feeling prepared, proudly checking every item off my list. It was symbolic in a sense, like now I was really READY for school, #2 pencils and all.


I think back to this feeling of preparedness and wonder why more businesses don’t place an emphasis on recreating that sentiment? Shouldn’t we all arrive to work each day feeling poised and ready to perform at our highest levels?


The answer is YES! And what’s even better, Rockton Software is here to help.


Much like kids need their school supplies, your Dynamics GP system needs similar attention. Our products are designed to make your work simpler & easier®, so you’re prepared to tackle whatever may come your way in a fast and efficient manner.


Here’s our Dynamics GP supplies list:

  • SmartFill: Find information up to 83% faster with our quick and easy google-style data search tool
  • Auditor: Changes happen, now you have a way to track them all
  • Dynamics GP Toolbox: Over 25 tools in one convenient package to enhance the Dynamics GP user experience
  • Dynamics Report Manager: any report, any time, any place
  • Omni Price: Manage nearly every pricing situation you can think of, and a bunch you haven’t

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll check a few of these items off the list. Whether you’re in need of improvements with auditing, searching, pricing, reporting, security, or simply general user enhancements, we’ve got the solution for you.


Not sure if one of these is exactly what you need? All of our products include a FREE 30-day trial, and we encourage you to take them for a test run before purchasing. Contact our sales team at sales@rocktonsoftware.com for more information or to set up a one-on-one product demo. 

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Grab an iced coffee and soak up some rays while reading this new release. This edition is comprised of articles provided by different Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partners. Each article focuses on enhancing your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP by addressing every day issues that users may be experiencing.


While you’re scanning the contents of the magazine, we hope you’ll pause at our article on page 29: Got Pricing Woes? We’re here with New Ways to B-O-G-O. This article details a new Omni Price product enhancement, Contract Override, which provides GP users with the opportunity to offer their customers a buy one, get one free type offer.


After reading, if you’d like to learn more about our Omni Price, we invite you to watch this short demo video highlighting the new product features or reach out to our sales team.


Beyond the articles from 14 different ISVs, you’ll be pleased to find a list of Featured Resellers. These experienced and knowledgeable Resellers are ready to assist users with any Dynamics GP product needs.


We appreciate your continued support of this valuable publication and hope you enjoy the magazine!

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