4 Reasons Auditing is Not Just For Fraud Prevention

Jun 16, 2020

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When you think about auditing Microsoft Dynamics GP, do you picture FBI-style interrogators searching the audit logs to point out all ill-intended crooks who are stealing money from your company?  In our experience, fraud prevention and detection might be a good starting point for an auditing tool, but rarely is this what makes the magic of auditing valuable in the long term.

Here are 4 Tangible Benefits

#1 – Backup Data to the Rescue

Have you ever hit your keyboard by accident and wiped out some field? Imagine you are in Microsoft Dynamics GP with a transaction window open, receiving a phone call, and bumping your keyboard along the way.

After your call, you come back to Microsoft Dynamics GP and close the transaction window . . . what do you get? A message saying, Do you want to Save or Delete this Transaction? Your only reasonable option is to hit Save, even though you weren’t editing something in the first place. Fast forward a few days . . . you discover that your transaction has gibberish in a key field! If you have an auditing tool in place, you can visit your audit log to restore the information that has mistakenly been replaced.

One of our customers in the healthcare industry, with locations in 15 different states, notes that the number one reason they use Auditor is to “track changes deemed high-risk areas.”

Audit information in the Health Care Industry


#2 – Why does this keep happening

At Rockton, we ran across two employees scratching their heads on why the Customer Contact in Microsoft Dynamics GP kept changing. Diane was complaining that she changed the company’s contact every other day, and she did not understand why the save hadn’t been working.

We were able to check the audit logs, thus, realizing Ryan, our Internal Accountant, was changing it back. We had a good laugh because we had the audit log to show that Ryan and Diane kept undoing each other’s work, toggling the contact name back and forth.

Ultimately, we were able to have the two of them talk about why they were making the changes, then they came up with an improved procedure on what our system data means and how to use it.

Customer Contact Record in Dynamics GP


#3 – Are employees pulling their weight?

Now more than ever the workforce is working from home. With this change in the workplace environment, have you ever wondered how productive a certain employee is? With Auditor you can audit one person and track how many new transactions they make. You’re able to view the audit log on a daily basis.

Audit productivity working from home


#4 – Troubleshooting made easy

Time and again we run into customers who have customizations that are behaving irrationally. Auditing can do wonders for tracking when and where there is a problem occurring. In the case of bad data, you can email or alert a system administrator with a pop-up message; the system administrator can go to a person’s computer right away and ask them what steps they took to create the issue.

Troubleshooting made easy

If you haven’t considered auditing before, you should consider giving Auditor a chance. Not only do we track changes to data, we have alerting systems to notify when audits happen, and the ability to selectively audit specific people or companies. It is easy to configure and provides many added benefits.

Dennis L. Day, LKA’s Chief Consultant, described Auditor as,

“Very intuitive to setup, however, the ease of reporting is the most important thing to our clients. Since Auditor uses SmartList reporting, our clients are able to quickly analyze the data changes needed for their organization whether it is information on new hires, changes to employee’s pay, who added a new chart of accounts, or who added or modified a vendor account.”

We are dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics GP users who want their system to run more efficiently. Our products are designed to be quick installations with minimal setup and training required. This product is coded in Dexterity to provide the best results with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other 3rd party products.

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