Upgrade Workstations and Servers when Using Automation

You use automation to upgrade workstations and servers and would like to upgrade Rockton Software products as well.

Typical GP product add-ons are installed by simply copying a .cnk file to the GP folder, as are Rockton Software products.  Some Rockton Software products also require a .NET assembly (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or newer) and that this assembly be registered.  It is because of this that Rockton Software products now come with a product installer, so it can take care of copying all the required files as well as register the assembly for you.

If you use automation to roll out instances of GP with Rockton Software products, you can add the following steps to your automation process and bypass the installer completely.

1. Copy all files from the installer Resources folder to the GP folder.
2. Run the RegisterAssembly.bat file from the GP folder.