Tips for Using and Troubleshooting the Inactivity Timeout Tool

The Inactivity Timeout tool gracefully logs Users out of the system when they have been inactive for a set amount of time. Below are tips for using and troubleshooting the Inactivity Timeout.

Below are Inactivity Timeout tips for using and troubleshooting the tool:

  • Inactivity Timeout Setup
    • Define any User Groups you wish to use in the Inactivity Timeout tool.
      • Go to Dynamics GP Toolbox | User Group Setup.
      • Add them to the Inactivity Timeout tool. Double click on them to include or exclude them from the tool and then enter the minutes inactive before timing out.
      • With this option marked, the User ID stuck in the table is cleared out of the system 2 hours plus the number of minutes set up for the User in the Inactivity Timeout tool. For example, let’s say that Jim is set up to be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If a User ID, Susie, who is included logs in at 8 AM, then at 10:30 AM, Jim’s User ID will be cleared out of the ACTIVITY table.
      • If you need the user count to be adjusted for the actual Users in the system so other users can log into the system prior to the for example, 2.5 hours, contact your IT team member to have them manually remove them from the ACTIVITY file.
    • Mark Clear Stranded Activity Records.
      • This option is important to use when using Citrix and Terminal Servers where the Users are still logged into GP but their session disconnected and  their User ID is stuck in the ACTIVITY table.
        • Note: If you are also using a Server Timeout, it is important that the Inactivity Timeout should occur before the Server Timeout.
    • Active Users are being logged out of the system:
  • How Inactivity Timeout logs Users out of the system
  • Troubleshooting Inactivity Timeout
  • Viewing the User Inactivity Log
    • Go to Inquiry | Dynamics GP Toolbox | User Inactivity Log.
    • View: All Inactive Users.
    • The Activity Date column displaying 0/0/0000 means the User logged out of Dynamics GP themselves.
    • The Message column displaying, Logged out due to inactivity, means the User was logged out by the Inactivity Timeout tool due to inactivity.