The Default Price Level Has Been Used for This Item

You are receiving the following message when entering line items on a sales document.

The default price level has been used for this item. Use the Sales Customer Detail Entry or Sales Item Detail 
Entry window to enter a different price level.

It is a notification from GP to warn users when the default price level for an item is used on a sales document. The price level used on a sales document isn’t displayed in the transaction entry window, so you won’t receive any other notification that the item’s default price level, rather than the customer price level or Receivables Management price level, is being used.

If you would prefer to not receive this message during entry, you can disable the message.

  1. On the Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu, go to Setup | Sales | Sales Order Processing.
  2. In the Data Entry Defaults section, change the Price Warning option to either Beep, Message, or None.

*Choosing None will cause the pop up to not occur.