Suppress or Disable the New Build Available Notification Message When Logging into GP

*The information here pertains to GP 10 and earlier.

When you log in as a POWERUSER or Administrator, you receive a new build notification letting you know if a new build is available. You would like to suppress or disable the notification.

This notification will only occur for Users in the POWERUSER role, or Product Admin (i.e., SMARTFILL ADMIN) role. All other Users do not see it. For the Users in these roles, mark the dismiss box ‘Don’t show me this again’ to remove the message when it prompts them at login.

To completely disable it, then you can change a setting in the Dex.ini file:


This gets set when you click the Dismiss box at the bottom of the Newer Builds Are Available window.  Of course, you will only see this window if you have an older build installed, so you would need to set it manually in the Dex.ini as mentioned above, if you are up-to-date on everything.

It will retain whatever setting is there until the next time you do an install of a Rockton product. After that, it will get set back to TRUE again. So, after the install, go into the Dex.ini file again and change it back to FALSE.