• How to configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in IIS

    Subject: HTTPS is a secure communications channel that is used to exchange sensitive information like User Credentials, Credit Card details, etc. between a client computer and a server.  It uses SSL which encrypts communication over the internet. To setup a website for HTTPS, you will need the following items: Web Server Certificate SSL Port Resolution:

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  • How to set Internet Explorer Compatibility View settings

    Subject: If using Internet Explorer 9 (or newer), the steps here will describe how to set the Internet Explorer Compatibility View settings. Resolution: Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools. Select Compatibility View settings. Type in or copy the name of the website and click Add. Ensure the box for Display intranet sites in Compatibility view is

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  • Error: “Line accounts are missing or invalid” – TK00108

    Issue: When attempting to post SOP invoice, received error “Line accounts are missing or invalid”. Cause: Non-Inventoried Items default posting account is not setup. Resolution: Verify the default posting account for Non-Inventoried Items is setup. Navigate to Administration | Setup | Posting | Posting Accounts. In the Display field, select Sales to filter the table.

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  • How to setup Pay Codes in GP Payroll for Salaried Employees

    Subject: To get Project Cost to work, the steps here will describe how to setup Pay Codes in GP Payroll for salaried employees. Note: There are other ways in GP to setup Pay Codes for salaried employees, but they will result in issues like the salary being paid twice or the salary plus the hourly

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  • Error: “default.js – LogOnUserReturn()” – TK00105

    Issue: When attempting to logon to the Time & Expense portal, received error “default.js – LogOnUserReturn()”. Cause: .NET 3.5.1 Framework is not installed on the IIS Server. Resolution: Install .NET 3.5.1. on the IIS Server. Open desktop app Server Manager. Navigate to Manage | Add Roles and Features. Step through the setup wizard until you

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  • Error: “common.js – Data.GetCompanyObjFromServer() – Object required (-2146827864)” – TK00103

    Issue: When logging onto the Time & Expense portal, after entering the user name and password, received error “common.js – Data.GetCompanyObjFromServer() – Object required (-2146827864)”. Cause: This can be caused if Project Cost is not registered or if the Minimum Multi-Currency is not setup. Resolution 1: Verify Project Cost is registered. Navigate to Project Cost

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  • Error: “0x80004005” – TK00101

    Issue: “aspnet_regiis” crashes when executed from Command Prompt giving error code “0x80004005” on Windows 7 with IIS 7. Cause: IIS 7 was installed after ASP.NET was installed, and Command Prompt was not run as administrator. Resolution: Re-run “aspnet_regiis” with the Command Prompt opened with Run as administrator.

  • Error: “Server Error in ‘/’ Application” – TK00100

    Issue: When logging onto the Time & Expense portal, received error “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”. Cause: The error message does not provide enough information to diagnose the problem.  Further steps are needed to gather information. Resolution: Edit the Web.config file. Locate <customErrors mode=”On” /> and change the text to <customErrors mode=”Off” />. Save and

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  • Error: “This date is closed”

    Issue: When reporting time on the Time & Expense portal, receive error “This date is closed”. Cause: The Project Cost reporting period needs setup, reporting period is closed, or the GP fiscal period is closed. Resolution 1: The Project Cost reporting period needs to be created. Navigate to Project Cost | Setup | Period Setup.

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  • How to Unblock Project Cost Media

    Subject: Microsoft Windows sometimes blocks certain files that you download or transfer from another computer for security reasons.  A good example is the On-line Help file that gets blocked and the content cannot be displayed.  The steps below demonstrate how to unblock files. Resolution:  Open the Windows Explorer and find the Project Cost Help file

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