Mass Assign Site in Inventory


This article discusses how to mass add an Inventory Site to multiple Items

More Information

This process can be useful when a new location ( Site ) has been created. Mass assigning the Site to multiple items speeds data entry, allowing use of the new Site in a more timely manner, compared to assigning the Site one Item at a time in the Item Quantities Maintenance window.

To mass assign a Site to multiple items:

  1. Go to Cards | Inventory | Site
  2. Create the new location ( Site – enter Site Name and Description and click Save )
  3. Click Assign.
  4. There are four different ranges that can be entered to specify which Items this Site should be assigned to. They are Item Number, Generic Descriptions, Class ID and Vendor ID.
  5. After entering the Range, click OK. The system will create the Item/Site record which will be stored in the IV00102 ( Item Quantity Master ) table.

Mass assign site in inventroy