Installing a Rockton Product when Multiple DYNAMICS.SET Files Exist

You need to install a Rockton Software product but you have multiple Dynamics.set files.


  1. Rename one of the Dynamics.set files to Dynamics.set. The name Dynamics.set is required in order for the chunk file to be able to update it.
  2. Next install the Rockton Software product, by running the .exe file.
  3. After the install is finished, rename the Dynamics.set file to something like Dynamics1.set.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 above for each additional Dynamics.set file you have.

Note:  If you are referencing a different Dex.ini you will need to find the RSTB_LocksPath entry in that Dex.ini and copy/paste it into the GP application folder Dex.ini file where you are currently installing our product. If the RSTB_LocksPath entry is already existing in the Dex.ini, then you will want to replace that line with the one you just copied from the different Dex.ini.