Unable to Include New Code Message when Installing

You receive the following errors when trying to install a Rockton Software product on a terminal server.

Privilege error
Unable to include new code


  1. Make sure everyone is logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP on the terminal server.If needed, clear the Activity table out.
  2. Verify the product’s installation folder containing the *setup.exe is not marked as READ-ONLY for the user installing.
  3. Verify the DEX.INI, DYNAMICS.SET, and the product’s *.dic files are not marked as READ-ONLY in the Dynamics GP code folder.
  4. Make sure you are launching the *setup.exe and Dynamics GP as an Administrator. Right-click on the *setup.exe and Dynamics GP and choose Run as Administrator.
  5. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Look for a process like Dynamics32.exe, Dynamics GP (32), etc., and kill it/end the task.