Registration Key message Key is Invalid


After entering your registration information, you are receiving the following error message:

Key is invalid.


  1. Incorrect Site Name (See Resolution 1).
  2. Additional Users have been added (See Resolution 1).
  3. Upgraded the version of the Rockton Software Product (See Resolution 2).



Resolution 1

The Site Name and User count must match your Microsoft Dynamics GP Site Name and User count. If either of these have changed, work with your reseller or contact Rockton Software for assistance with your registration information.


Resolution 2

If you have upgraded to a new version of the Rockton Software Product, check out this great Instant Access to Your Rockton Software Registration Keys blog on how to get instant access to new Rockton Software Registration Keys. If you have upgraded your version of the Rockton Software Product to Dynamics GP18.2 build 9 or above, check out this blog, New Product Registration Process with Rockton Software, for information on registering your product.