Cancel an RPM Rebate Batch in Acumatica


The steps here explain how to cancel a rebate batch that was processed using Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) and Acumatica.


The Process Rebate function allows you to create Rebate Batches to process rebates to Customers or Vendors. There may be situations where you process the batch but need to cancel or void that batch. You can use the Disassociate button to disassociate the Adjustment Lines from the batch and make them available again to delete or add to a new batch.

The Disassociate process does not make any changes to the document linked to the batch in the Batch Doc Ref Nbr field. Therefore, it may be necessary to manually void or adjust that document as a separate step.

Steps to disassociate:

  1. In Acumatica, open Process Rebates from either the Payables or Receivables page.
  2. Open the batch you wish to disassociate.
  3. Review the Adjustment Lines appearing in the Available tab.

  1. Select the In Batch tab from the Adjustment Lines grid.
  2. Take note of the Adjustment Lines on the batch.

  1. Click Disassociate.
  2. Click OK to the warning message.

  1. When the Disassociate process completes, notice the Batch Status changes to Disassociate and the In Batch lines are cleared.

  1. Select the Available tab again and notice the cleared lines should now be available for selection again.

  1. Take note of the information in the Batch Doc Ref Nbr field. This has a link to the document that had been created when the original rebate batch was processed. This document is not edited or changed in any way by the Disassociate process. Users can access the document directly from the Process RPM Rebates page and manually void or adjust transactions as necessary.

More Information

For more information on processing a rebate, see Knowledge base article: How to Process Rebates Using Acumatica and Rockton Pricing Management.