How long does it take to implement Dynamics GP Toolbox?

Apr 27, 2015

To install Dynamic GP Toolbox, simply run the ToolboxSetup.exe in the install folder. It works best if you right click and choose to run as administrator. When you launch Microsoft Dynamics GP on the first machine, you will be prompted to include new code and the install wizard will start. It takes a minute or two to run through the wizard. Then, run the ToolboxSetup.exe on the remaining machines and choose “yes” when prompted to include new code. These installs will be faster since you do not need to run the wizard. 


Before you enable any of the tools in Dynamics GP Toolbox, you will first want to have a discussion around what tools you plan to use. Planning the tools you need to enable makes implementing much easier.


After you complete the install and have determined the tools you wish to use, you are ready to implement Dynamics GP Toolbox. The implementation time can vary from just a few minutes to an hour or more. It all depends on how many tools you plan to use. Many of the tools, like Safe Login and Reason For Hold, only require you to mark the tool enabled so those are quick to implement. Some tools though, like the Inactivity Timeout and Payment Approval, will take some additional set up and therefore, will take a little longer.


When planning the implementation, here are some estimates on the time it could take. Again, these are just estimates and can vary from business to business.


5-10 minutes for the first machine, 3-5 minutes each machine after


15 minutes to determine the Dynamics GP Toolbox tools you want to use


Average 5 minutes per tool: some will be less, some may be a bit more


2 hours of testing


We always recommend you test the tools after you enable them to make sure they are working as you expect and to familiarize yourself with them. If you have any questions or any issues, our support team is there to help you. You can contact them at


After you have completed your implementation and set ups in Dynamics GP Toolbox, use the Import/Export feature to Export your existing settings. This allows you to have a backup of your settings should you ever need to restore.


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