Dynamics Report Manager: Email & Print Specific Sales Invoice Reports

Jul 23, 2015

Did you say I can email and print specific Sales Invoice reports to different Customers using Dynamics Report Manager (DRM)?

Yes, you can! In this example, we are using two Sales Invoice Reports and there are three customers with different needs. Customer AARONFIT0001 needs Invoice 1 emailed, Customer ADAMPARK0001 needs Invoice 2 emailed, and Customer BERRYMED0001 needs Invoice 1 printed. In the Customer Maintenance window, the customers have the following values entered:

Customer AARONFIT0001
User Defined 1: 1
Comment 2: Email
Customer ADAMPARK0001
User Defined 1: 2
Comment 2: Email
Customer BERRYMED0001
User Defined 1: 1
Comment 2: Print


The detailed steps on how to set this example up can be found in the following Knowledge Base article:

How to Email and Print specific Sales Invoice Reports to different Customers using Dynamics Report Manager (DRM)

Note: If a Customer needs both an email and a printed copy of the Invoice, you can change the Where clause in the Data tab of the Batch Report as appropriate.
Below are the screenshots for the Customer Maintenance windows, Reports, Batch Reports, and Launch Point.


Customer Maintenance and Internet Information Windows:

Report 1: Simple Invoice – Invoice 1 saved to file

Report 2: Simple Invoice – Invoice 2 saved to file
Note: This Report has the same setup except for the Technical Name path is to the second invoice report.

Report 3: Simple Invoice – Invoice 1
Note: This Report has the same setup except for the Technical Name path is to the second invoice report and the Destination is Printer instead of File.

Batch Reports:
Batch Report 1: Sales Batch Entry 1

Batch Report 2: Sales Batch Entry 1
Note: This Batch Report has the same setup except for the Data tab.

Batch Report 3: Sales Batch Entry Print to Screen
Note: This Batch Report is actually setup to print to Printer and has the same setup as the previous Batch Report except for the Data and Email tabs.

Launch Point:

Email sales@rocktonsoftware.com to receive a personalized demo of Dynamics Report Manager (DRM).

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