These are 2 Valuable Tools for Tracking Changes

Apr 8, 2020

Compliance Tips N Tricks in Dynamics GP

Rockton Software and Greenshades have come together to share their compliance tips-n-tricks and what you need to know in regards to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act.

Auditor is a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool. While fraud prevention is the most common reason Auditor provides outstanding value for Microsoft Dynamics GP, the personal and customized fit offers the flexibility of tracking data changes for many reasons.

Here are 7 ways you may want to be in the know when it comes to tracking changes.

  1. Easily track when a new employee is added to the system.
  2. Keep track of important personal information such as a name change.
  3. Track changes across the entire system (even other 3rd party products like Greenshades).
  4. Audit silently in the background or have an employee tell you why they are making the change.
  5. Set up e-sign approval on a particular field like sensitive information such as a social security number.
  6. Get reports for all of your Payroll changes within Dynamics GP with a standard SmartList.
  7. Track pay codes assigned to employees such as Caregiver and Quarantine and salary and hourly.

Greenshades wants to keep you in the know with all the changes to pay codes, remote employees, as well as Federal and State changes in particular to the I-9 and W-4.

Here are 4 tips to be aware of as we focus on the new FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Relief Act).

Tip 1 – Create at least 3 new codes to track: Two pay codes setup for both Caregiver and Quarantine; Families First Coronavirus Response Actthen one for salary and one for hourly.

Tip 2 – With everyone now working virtually, you may have new remote locations, which can create further tax implications. Make sure you set up and manage local tax rates. Also, set up a streamlined approval to review, update, and add the local tax rates now.

Tip 3 -Now is the time to make the appropriate updates to wage-based unemployment as well as social security.

Federal Payroll ComplianceTip 4 – Make sure you are current with the 2020 HR and Compliance updates. There are quite a few Federal I-9 changes and this year has the largest number of changes to the W-4 (this includes both Federal and State).

These can include:

  • Changes in conjunction with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
  • Changes designed to make withholding more accurate.
  • Simplifying withholding for those with multiple jobs and two-earner families.

Greenshades and Rockton provide a valuable pairing of tools, especially with the unique circumstances of tracking all the new changes involved with FFCRA.

To get a more in-depth look at all of these changes and tools please check out our recorded webinar.


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