Are [BAD] Habits in Dynamics GP holding you back?

Jan 26, 2017

We can all admit that bad habits seem to work their way into our daily routines, even when it comes to tasks in Dynamics GP. Well, we’re here with good news: it’s not too late to implement a few New Year’s Resolutions to quell those habits and enhance your day-to-day use of GP! Let’s break it down by activity in Dynamics GP.


Bad Habit: Auditing everything.

Resolution: It is very important to Audit what you need audited rather than setting up Auditor to audit everything because you are unsure of what to audit. To help with this process, you will want to review the processes done in GP that your departments perform. You will also want to work with the experts in those departments to help you identify areas you need to audit. Here are some categories to help you and the experts identify areas you need to audit.

  • Preventing fraud. For example, it may be important for your company to track changes to the Vendor Check Name field in the Vendor Maintenance window to help prevent potential fraud from happening. Auditing this change will help you identify the user(s) that is trying to write a check to someone else.
  • Training opportunities. For example, it may be important for your company to audit changes to the Vendor Hold field in the Vendor Maintenance window because it keeps changing from hold to not on hold and you cannot figure out who or what process is changing it. Auditing this change will give you the information you are looking for and help you train that user(s) to only make the change when appropriate.
  • Auditing for Auditor requirements. For example, it may be important for your company to audit who enters and who posts a transaction in the General Ledger. You can utilize the Journal Voucher Roadmap to do this. There is no set up for this. You just need to install and register Auditor. *Note: Auditor needs to be installed on all workstations that have GP installed on them. To learn more about the Journal Voucher Roadmap, click here

Once you have identified what you need to audit, create your Audit Groups.

  • Click here to watch a video on how to create an audit group to track PM Vendor Master File information & view Auditor Record.
  • Click here to see a KB article on auditing General Ledger Journal entries and who approved the Batch ID.

Bad HabitNot deploying SmartList Designer reports to Excel for the non-GP Users who need to see your Auditor SmartList reports. 

Resolution: Click here for steps on How to Create an Auditor Report for Non-GP Users.


Bad Habit: Manually editing prices on Omni Price contracts instead of using the Omni Price Contract Mass Update utility.

Resolution: Click here to see how easy it is to update your Omni Price Contract prices using the Contract Mass Update utility.


Bad Habit: Not creating a Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) Launch Point for scheduling reports to run automatically.

Resolution: Click here to see how to set this up in DRM. A video is also included.

Searching in Dynamics GP

Bad Habit: Clicking the lookup button and scrolling through hundreds of master records.


Resolution: Enter part of the value you are trying to look up, tab off the field, and let the magic of SmartFill do the work for you! Click here to see a video on how it works.



Bad Habit: Forgetting to use Mentor to quickly change security for a User.

Resolution: Click here to see steps on how to use Mentor to quickly change security for a User. A video is also included.

While you may or may not be guilty of these habits above (no one is pointing fingers), we hope you’ve gleaned a few tips that will improve your everyday work in Dynamics GP. Here’s to a year of new habits inspired by efficiency and streamlined processes!

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