How To Update Prices in Omni Price Using the Contract Mass Update Utility

The steps in this article explain how to use the Contract Mass Update utility to quickly and easily update your prices on your contracts in Omni Price.

In this example, a new contract for 2017 was created from a 2016 contract by using the duplicate function. The steps here explain how to increase those prices to reflect a price increase for the new year.

1. Log into Microsoft Dynamics GP as an Omni Price Administrator.
2. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Utilities | Omni Price | Contract Mass Update.
3. In the Update field, select All Contracts or Range of Contracts. Range of Contracts allows you to select Contract ID, Customer ID, etc. to further define those prices you want to see when you update.
4. In the Field to Update, select whether you want to update the Adjustment or Price or the Percentage.
5. The Update Method fields allows you to choose whether you are going to change the percent or amount or replace the existing percent or amount. Based on what you select here, will affect what the next field will be. You will see Amount or Percentage.

6. In the next field, enter the Amount or Percentage you wish to change the prices by. Then, mark the Increase or Decrease radio button.
7. In the Select Contract Lines to Update section, mark those Items you wish to change or use the Mark All option.

8. Click Update.
9. Print the report if you would like and then click OK to close the window.