Best Automation Tools for Dynamics GP System Administrators

Sep 5, 2022

best automation tools for system administrator

Do you notice your system administrator coming in before or leaving after everyone else to perform time-to-time maintenance? Do you feel like you’re spending countless unnecessary hours in Dynamics GP, only to accomplish one thing? We’ve got the best automation tool to help system administrators work simpler and easier, called Dynamics GP Toolbox. It’s filled with 27 tools encompassing everything from security and administration to business processes and the end user experience. In this blog post, we’re going to feature five that are specifically designed to help system administrators.

The 5 Best Automation Tools for Your System Administrator

Version Pro

You have the ability to manage third party products across your system by ensuring all servers and workstations have the correct products installed.

Track User Count

By tracking actual logins against the Microsoft Dynamics GP registered user count, you’ll keep a head count on users to ensure you have plenty of room for all. If you are continuously maxing out your user logins, it may be time to purchase more users.

System Lockout

This one is our favorite, especially if you are planning a routine maintenance. You can prevent users from logging into a specified company or all companies, so you can do your work uninterrupted. Additionally, you can schedule a recurring system lockout process or for a future date and time.

Inactivity Timeout

Do you users forget to log out sometimes? Inactivity Timeout allows you to specify an allotted time of inactivity and then, gracefully logs the user out of Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition, you can also assign different timeout periods for an individual or a group of users.

Conditional Field Level Security

Inside Dynamics GP Toolbox, you have the ability to add conditional Dexterity scripting fields allowing simple customization of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Cool, huh?

Ready for Installation?

Dynamics GP Toolbox is coded as a complete collection, so you’ll get these five tools along with all the other ones. You can check out the rest here. If you’re ready to take Dynamics GP Toolbox for a spin, schedule a one-on-one demo or start your free trial. If you’re jumping in with both feet and want to purchase the best automation tool for your system administrator, then follow these six easy steps to install Dynamics GP Toolbox.

1. Download the Dynamics GP Toolbox code file from our website and save it
2. Run the install wizard on your GP server
3. Log into GP as administrator
4. Click Yes to install new code
5. Plugin your registration keys and you are ready to start turning the tools on!
6. Repeat steps 1-4 on any workstations that have local GP code installed on them

If you run into a snag, just reach out to and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Not There Yet? Take Your Time.

We’ve got plenty more resources to help you, from short videos of every tool in the Dynamics GP Toolbox, starting with security tools, to a blog post on how you could beef up your security.

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