Dynamics GP Toolbox Facts

Here are some commonly asked questions and facts for Dynamics GP Toolbox

What is the Dynamics GP Toolbox? – It’s a collection of the best ideas users have come up with for Dynamics GP.

How many tools are included? – 27 Tools are in the Toolbox to date. Tools encompass everything from Security and Administration to Business Processes and the End User Experience.

Can I buy the tools separately? – No. The toolbox is coded as a complete collection – but as we add more tools, you get those included with your original purchase as long as you’re current on your annual maintenance.

Does it log my inactive users out? – Absolutely! It comes with Inactivity Timeout and you can schedule it to log users out after a period of time they are inactive in the GP system.

Will Inactivity Timeout log users out while they are posting a batch? – No Way! We want to fix problems, not cause them! We look at an activity as a push or pull of data from the system. So posting a batch, running a report, or even being mid-way through entering a transaction is activity and we won’t log those users out.

Does GP Toolbox work for all my GP users? – Yes! It’s licensed based on the number of concurrent or full system users you have in GP, so everyone can use it no matter how much or how often they access GP, however access and use of some of the tools are restricted by security roles in GP.

What if I can’t figure out how to use one of the Tools? – If you run into a snag, just reach out to support@rocktonsoftware.com and they’ll help point you in the right direction!

How to Install Dynamics GP Toolbox in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Download the Dynamics GP Toolbox code file from our website and save it
  2. Run the install wizard on your GP server
  3. Log into GP as administrator
  4. Click Yes to install new code
  5. Plugin your registration keys and you are ready to start turning the tools on!
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 on any workstations that have local GP code installed on them

How long does it take to implement Dynamics GP Toolbox? Turning on a tool in the Dynamics GP Toolbox takes 2 clicks. Once it’s turned on, you can simply apply the easy-to-follow settings that work for you.

Have any videos on how to use the tools? Sure do! A short video of every tool in the Dynamics GP Toolbox is available here!

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