Time Saving Tips from Rockton Support: Master Posting Window

Oct 11, 2016

Our customers are always looking for ways to save time while working in their Dynamics GP system and we want to help! Enjoy a major time savings when you utilize the Master Posting Window.

The Master Posting window gives you the flexibility to select and post your batches from different Modules in one simple window.

How do I get there?

Access the Master Posting Window by navigating to the administration page, in the routines section, click on Master Posting.

A few additional scenarios to keep in mind:

  • If your Batch is stuck, use the Batch Recovery window to make it available. On the Administration page, in the Routines section, click Batch Recovery.
  • If the Batch is possibly damaged, try moving the transaction to a new Batch ID to help avoid further issues.
  • To help mitigate disruptions for multiple tasks, it is recommended to make a complete restorable backup each night and then post batches right away in the morning before too much is done. This way if there is a posting interruption and a restore is needed, less work has been impacted by it and your day can still be a productive one!

You’ll find more tips just like this one in our latest eBook, Tips & Tricks for New Microsoft Dynamics GP Users. This free resource, written directly by the Rockton Software support team, is chalk full of tips to save you time and decrease any frustrations you may encounter when working in Dynamics GP. Click here to download!


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