The Total Solar Eclipse: a reminder that science is cool

Aug 21, 2017

Well here we go, August 21, 2017 has arrived! I’m writing this blog during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from my living room near Denver, Colorado. I’ve got NASA TV on my television, my blinds all fully open, the sun streaming through my windows… for now. I’m not in the path of totality, but I’m in store for a 93% solar eclipse. It’s been 90 years since the last total solar eclipse spanned the United States, marking today’s event as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that I will not be missing!

So what does any of this have to do with Rockton Software?

This momentous event has brought science to the forefront of the United States. Not only has it sparked meaningful conversations, but it has propelled action, with millions of people traveling to cities across the US for a chance to see the eclipse in its totality.

Television coverage is referring to the events organized along the path of totality as “Woodstock for nerds”. But that’s just it, this isn’t a nerd exclusive event. Everyone is getting in on the action, everyone seems to be inspired, no matter their social standing or educational background. Perhaps the best part is many have made today’s viewing a family affair, exposing their children to this celestial phenomenon. Impressionable child or full-grown adult, there is no doubt that seeing this eclipse is cool. Chalk one up for science.

A win for science is really a win for the entire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community.

After today’s event, I hope that even a few more young people will be inspired to pursue an education in STEM related disciplines. I hope that parents and mentors will encourage those children to chase their dreams, in hopes of expanding our resource pool for groundbreaking discoveries.

Today, science was a nationwide rock star with a sold out crowd. Let us bask in that until next time!

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