The Newest Rockton Software Location is Fargo, North Dakota

Apr 7, 2014

Fargo, North Dakota is home to blinding blizzards, bizarre movies with bad accents and wood chippers, a Microsoft campus and now, Rockton Software’s newest office location!

Why was Fargo selected as the 3rd physical location of Rockton Software? Well . . . not just for its balmy winters, but it is also home to four Rockton employees. Plus, our office is less than a mile away from the Microsoft campus, so it is in a community where Microsoft Partners and ISVs thrive.

The new location allows our North Dakota team members a place to work together and collaborate on projects. This office holds members of the Development, Support, and Sales & Marketing team.

Don’t be shy! If you’re ever in town, stop by the office. We’d love to see you.

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