The 2nd Annual Rockton Family Holiday Party

Dec 23, 2019

Seinfeld – Sony Pictures Television

There is no party more infamous than the annual company holiday party.   You never know what will happen when you mix a variety of personalities with year-end merriment, free-flowing alcohol, indulgent food, and…..axes?!?!?

As you may know, Rockton puts a premium on having an outstanding company culture.  The result is that we have a spectacular team of people that really love hanging out with each other (No really, we do!)  Incidentally, that spectacular team is spread across the country, so the annual Holiday party is a great opportunity to reconnect and make some memories together.

I know what you are thinking….what does this have to do with axes?!?! Hang in there, we are getting to that part!

Half of our team arrived at Denver International Airport and were immediately whisked away to meet the Colorado team at the first destination on our itinerary, Bad Axe Denver, for an afternoon of axe throwing. Nothing screams happy holidays or team-building like whipping an axe through the air and (hopefully) landing it into a piece of wood!  After several rounds of practice, these newfound axe-throwing skills were put to the test with a friendly competition.  Despite libations (yes, somehow an axe-throwing place has a liquor license) and about 40% of the axes bouncing off the wall, everyone left with all their limbs intact and a renewed sense of bad-ass’itude!

The 2nd Annual Rockton Family Holiday Party was off to a rather epic start!

From there we jumped into our party vans and headed to the historic district of Erie, CO for a delicious meal at Miners Tavern. We dinned on a scrumptious meal of salmon, chicken and local microbrews (Coloradans love microbrews!).

Then it was off to the home of our fearless leaders, Mark and Kelli, for treats, games, and goats.  Did I mention Mark and Kelli have a hobby farm?  That’s right, axe throwing AND llama snuggles all in one day! We have a team full of animal lovers, so everyone was excited to spend some time hanging out with the goats, chickens, and glorious llama.  Once we reached cuteness overload we headed inside to relax with some eggnog and play some games.  After a week of mysterious gift opening, we learned the identities of our Secret Santas, then we played a game of pass the parcel and dice exchange.  Hilarity ensued…

When the sun rolled behind the Rocky Mountains it was time for our out-of-towners to pack up and head back to the airport. It was a memorable day and we can’t wait to see what Rockton has in store for 2020!

Until next year…

Elf  – New Line Cinema Films

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