Sip, Sip, Hurray!

Sep 8, 2021

Summer’s at Rockton are all about simple and easy, so whether it’s simplifying how you manage your security in GP or simplifying your next summer BBQ sipper, we got you covered.

Today we feature 5 favorite tricks using three of our staple Rockton Software products

  • SmartFill – Did you hear we just put out a NEW release!?! Inside this new edition, you can now export your results to Excel spreadsheets – think of it like a Smartlist you don’t even have to open Smartlist to run.
    This makes searching and exporting a snap – easily pull holiday gift lists, VIP customers, and more!
  • Auditor – AKA the Productivity Tracker. Ever wondered how many invoices or service calls are being entered by each user in a day? Now you can track those numbers and monitor user productivity in the system. You can also use Auditor to verify data that new users have entered into GP with a simple report search. This will help both you and your new GP users build confidence in the processes you have in place.
  • Dynamics GP ToolboxWant to find out how to give or take away security to a window in less than 10 seconds? Simply search for your mysterious window with Mentor, one of the 27 tools included in our Toolbox. This will allow you to see exactly what task contains the security needed AND the roles that task is associated with. Take it a step further and actually assign the role to a user right from the same screen without ever opening your GP Security setting windows. 
  • Dynamics GP ToolboxUsing our Pop-Up Notes, gives the ability to push out ‘How To’ instructions where your users need them most! Don’t let Year End Close, obscure routines, or processes potentially cause data issues in GP. You can easily add instructions, website links, or even task lists to increase efficiency and accuracy in uncommon (or common!) windows across GP.

Watch the webinar for yourself:

Now that we’ve got the GP side covered, here’s one of our top Summer Sippers for you to enjoy on a patio, pontoon, or anywhere with a glass

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