As much as we focus on making things simpler and easier, we know there times where you will experience the occasional bump in the road (OR…error message, support question).  We strive to make asking questions simpler and easier too.   Our support is included in your product plan.

Technical support is available for all Rockton Software products.

Support Includes:

    • Answering basic “how to” related questions on the out of the box functionality.
    • Troubleshoot issues related to the software
    • Support for break/fix issues regarding the standard software functionality.
    • Access to new software builds

To contact support:
Phone: 877-4-ROCKTON (877-476-2586)

Not included in support:

    • Creating custom reports, queries, or modifications to windows.
    • Creating customizations, interfaces, or changes to existing customizations or interfaces.
    • Troubleshooting or correcting issues with customizations, interfaces, modifications, custom reports, queries, integrations, or third-party software.
    • In-depth product usage training for existing or new users.
    • Process improvement review and consulting.
    • Installation, upgrade, and uninstalling of software.

Additional Service Options and Rates:

Implementation and Support


After hours/on-call

If a customer requests after hours or on-call support coverage they will be quoted/invoiced for one consulting hour per day, at the current consulting rate, to guarantee a technician is available during the times requested. If they end up logging a case after hours, the initial charge will be applied to the total charge for the after-hours support needed.  There is a minimum of 1 chargeable hour.  All additional assistance is charged by the hour.

Self Service

Customers have access to our self-service information available on our website. This includes Knowledge Base articles and Product Downloads.