September Celebrations

Sep 26, 2023

Here at Rockton we like to celebrate all things, big and small, that bring joy to our lives.  We thought it would be fun to share our March celebrations with you and hopefully spread the joy around! Here are a few things the Rockton family celebrated this month.


I love Fall. I love everything about Fall. I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing color, comfy sweatshirts, and everything pumpkin spice. While Summer usually goes by way too fast, I am never sad to see Fall appear. My bucket list item is to see the leaves change in the Fall in Vermont. Some day….


As a work from home mom, I’m celebrating back to school for my wildly crazy lovable weirdos 😊


I am celebrating my 25th birthday! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time, as I can finally pay less for car insurance (and rent a car)!

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dean, Sheila, Blake, & Shawn this month!

This month we are celebrating the work anniversaries of 3 amazing team members!

Mark is celebrating 24 years with Rockton!

“I’m grateful for everything Mark does for Rockton Software. From his excitement about new projects to his drive to always grow as an individual, I admire him. He sees potential for every team member and makes sure they always have what they need to be successful. Mark’s leadership and expertise makes our company shine, and I appreciate his efforts more than he knows! I’m thankful for his leadership, honesty, and most importantly his friendship.”

“Mark has been a cornerstone in the development of Rockton’s Products since the inception of the company. He has the uncanny ability to think in both highly technical and extremely creative ways to solve business problems and possesses exemplary team interaction skills. He is always willing to take the lead on initiatives when needed and is also very supportive of others when not in a lead role. He has proven to be extremely valuable when in a customer facing position and truly enjoys gaining an understanding of the pain points for a business and how Rockton can help them Work Simpler and Easier.

Rhonda is celebrating 11 years with Rockton!

“I appreciate Rhonda’s patience, clarity, and consistency in work and training. She has taken an immense amount of time out of her days to train me, and always provides excellent and clear training. I appreciate she always supports me with follow up questions. I also really appreciate how she often makes me work for an answer rather than just giving it away, helping me find out the “why” behind the answer. It’s also great to have Rhonda as a resource – I am often asking her over Teams or Email for help answering technical questions from demos, and she provides timely and excellent answers.

Rhonda is knowledgeable in so many areas of our business and always makes herself available to help.  I also love her fun and outgoing personality.  She is candid and always speaks her mind but does this in a calm way.  Her organizational skills are outstanding, and she gives great advice and I truly value her opinions.  It’s a true pleasure working with her and I’ve learned so much from her.

Angie is celebrating 4 years with Rockton!

“Angie is always a joy to work with, as she is very approachable and consistently has a pleasant attitude. She has been crucial to Rockton’s Marketing efforts completing many high visibility projects such as the Rockton website redesign and creating graphic resources for marketing materials and Rockton products. She is always clear in her communications and sets realistic expectations on priorities and deliverable dates.

Angie is such a thoughtful person to work with. I appreciate her willingness to always take on new tasks, as well as the way she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is handled when completing a project. And she’s great to work with too! The ability to work well with everyone is a rare find in a team member. I’m super grateful she’s part of my team!”

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