Score a Slam-Dunk With Rockton Software

May 13, 2014

Guest Post: Written By Tom Weaver, Financial Systems Manager at Excelsior College.

Slam-Dunk team member, Jenn Schoemer, always gives me an assist when I’m going to the hoop with Rockton Software. She never calls a timeout.

Whether I’m dribbling around with SmartFill, playing zone defense with Auditor, or posting up on Dynamics GP Toolbox—I know that this MVP is just an email or phone call away if she’s not traveling.

I’m not sitting on the bench that long when Jenn calls me back into the game with a play that’s worthy of a three pointer. I never feel as if my shot has been blocked or that I’m going to be called for a backcourt violation. She takes her time with my questions and every turnover evolves into a win because of her vast knowledge.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Jenn as we bounce pass ideas back-n-forth for new features. I never have to elaborate on my suggestions or incidents with Jenn because it’s like she already know the score.

I can’t imagine Microsoft Dynamics GP without Rockton Software, nor can I imagine Rockton Software without Coach Schoemer.

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