Dynamics GP is an excellent ERP and offers many reports, however there are limitations to where and how they can be printed. That’s why we’ve created a more robust solution – Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) for fast and easy reporting. Any report, any time, any place.  

With Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) you can manage reports from home or office, email a batch of invoices with one click, even send a single report to multiple destinations.  

Key Differences between Dynamics GP and Dynamics Reports Manager (DRM) 

This infographic illustrates how DRM can help you save time:

Dynamics Report Manager versus Dynamics GP

Product Highlights:

  • Manage all your reporting without launching or installing other report programs. 
  • Leverage Crystal Reports with no additional expensive user licensing. 
  • Schedule reports for when, where, and how you need them. 
  • Batch reports against a list of data results or by setting up your own parameters.

Want to Request a Demo or Need Support?

If you would like a Demo of Dynamics Report Manager, contact  Sales to set up a date and time. 

If you are a current Dynamics Report Manager user and have questions or need help, check out our Support Center!

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