Rockton's Rocky Mountain Retreat, July 2015

Aug 13, 2015

We had our annual July retreat in Westminster, CO from July 27th – July 29th. It is great to get together with the entire Rockton Software team to connect with those who live remote or work out of a different office.

Throughout the workdays, we met with small teams, engaged the large team, and worked independently. This retreat, there was a huge focus on the culture of Rockton Software, and what that means to be part of it. Our company culture is based on four different values:

1. Integrity
    Align what you say with what you do

2. Humility
The willingness to be wrong and respectful of other people’s point-of-view

3. Emotional Intelligence
Ability to perceive and evaluate the emotions of yourself and those around you, and respond appropriately

4. The Passion to Grow
The drive to improve self, team, and company

I think that it is key in any company to be clear of your expectations of employees. With clearly defined guidelines, it makes it possible for employees to know when they’re stepping over a line or when a fellow team member is.

Each of our four values resonate with me personally, but my favorite is the Passion to Grow. It is something that I truly feel like the Rockton Software team does. We’re always learning new ways to do something, we are okay with stepping outside of the box, and we are happy to listen to our customers and potential customers’ opinions.

Well . . . the retreats aren’t just all for work. We also got to play a bit! We split into three teams and attempted to escape from the Denver Escape Room. Only one team came out alive! I highly recommend this for any team building or just family fun activity.

Front Row (Left to Right): Sue Roe, Jenn Schoemer, Angela Melhus, Alicia Weigel
Middle Row (Left to Right): Carmen Anderson, Casey Backhaus, Kelli Sexton, Rhonda Sutliff, Nicole Helm, Sheila Ochoa, Mike Watt, Michelle Strayer, Jim Peliksza
Back Row (Left to Right): Steven Solomon, Mark Rockwell, Jason Cross, Shawn Strayer, Bryan Page

It is always a great time getting together with the Rockton Software team. I can’t wait to see everyone again in January where dreams come true: Disney World.

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