Rockton Software Takes Orlando by Storm

Jan 13, 2016

Another Rockton Software company retreat is in the books! Recently, our Rockton Software team descended on sunny Orlando, Florida for a week of strategizing, celebrating 2015 achievements and of course, spontaneous hijinks. With most of our day-to-day communication done via computer and/or telephone, the opportunity to have the entire company in one location is invaluable!

Our daily sessions included whole team discussions and segmented group meetings, while still maintaining our dedication to customer service with customers and partners. Our week was filled with talk of the future: bouncing new development ideas off one another and capturing feedback for improvements to current product offerings.

Believe it or not, even with all of the hard work, we still managed to fit some fun and games into this business trip. The entire team boarded airboats for a tour of the Florida Everglades, one of the largest eco systems in the world. While flying around the swamp, we saw numerous endangered birds, a bald eagle, deer, and even a few alligators! This was an awesome experience and we would recommend it to anyone who visits the Orlando area.  

In addition to the swamp adventure, we each got to visit a Disney Park for an evening of fun! I choose to explore Hollywood Studios with a few co-workers. After a ten year hiatus from roller coasters, I thought I’d give it another try. Well, let’s just say a relaxing stroll around Epcot might have been more my speed, as the Rock-N-Roll roller coaster and Tower of Terror were a little too much for me to handle!

After joining the company in October, this was my first Rockton Software retreat and I can already say that I’m looking forward to many more! The company culture at Rockton is incredible and feels so much like one big happy family. They are dedicated to a positive work/life balance, which was reinforced with all the fun activities intertwined with the daily work sessions.

We’re always looking for fun new team building activities, what are some of the ways that your company builds comradery? 

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