Rockton Software Fun in Fargo!

Oct 5, 2016

The Rockton Software team gathers twice yearly for a company retreat, and this September our destination of choice was sunny and tropical Fargo, North Dakota! Prior to this trip, I spent a good two weeks perfecting my accent and reading up on how to avoid wood chippers*, just so I’d be ready.

About half of our team calls Fargo home. It was great to see the locals on their own turf, something not often experienced since most of the time we operate as a virtual company. In keeping with our company retreat tradition, we divided our time between business and pleasure. In true Rockton fashion, we always strive to work hard, and play harder!

The highlight of the trip for me was taking on the Fargo Escape Room (*refer back to paragraph one where I read about avoiding wood chippers). I had never before experienced an Escape Room and am not one for “scary” situations in general. To be honest, the idea of voluntarily being locked in a room with my co-workers seemed to rank somewhere on the crazy scale.

Alas, after successfully escaping from the room, I realized that if I were ever to be locked up again, I’d actually prefer to be trapped with my extremely intelligent, hardworking colleagues and their expert problem-solving skills. It wasn’t scary at all. It even felt as though we were the star detectives on a primetime television crime drama. What a rush!


Our retreat wasn’t all fun and games though. We also had some great discussions about our future plans, brainstormed new development ideas, and celebrated our accomplishments! We’re excited and inspired to get to work on these new projects, which you’ll hear about soon enough.


Our retreat in Fargo was fantastic! With the Rockton Software crew, there’s never a dull moment, and spending time together always puts the treat in retreat. Until next time…

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