Rockton Gives Back

Mar 12, 2020

Volunteering is part of company culture


Part of our culture

Volunteering is becoming more and more part of our country and part of company culture.

The 2018 Volunteering in America report found that 77.34 million adults (30.3 percent) volunteered through an organization last year. Altogether, Americans volunteered nearly 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated $167 billion in economic value, based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour for 2017.

Here at Rockton we take volunteering to heart and are grateful for the chance to give back to society. In fact, we each donate 21 hours a year, which is a total of 441 hours.

So, what have the Rockton volunteers been up to lately?

Kris Berger, QA Development Team Lead

I have been volunteering 4 hours a week with the Fargo Lego Robotics League. The league runs from September through mid-late February, or later, depending on how far the team makes it in competitions.Lego Builder

I volunteer as a coach with a competitive team of 6 kids in coding robot missions and project research in preparation for regional and state competition. Each year the national league provides missions to complete, as well as a project theme. This year, the project theme is bettering your community. The kids on my team have chosen to research and present on the topic of CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and how to use that to better our community.

They finished the year by making it to the state competition and taking 1st place in presentation and 4th place in robotics.

Sue Roe, Sales Assistant

I use my volunteer hours for Sandpoint Threshold Singers. We are part of Threshold Choir International, and we sing at bedside for people who are dying, ill, in need of comfort, etc. Most of our referrals come thru hospice.

threshold choirI have been part of this organization for about 5 years. There are 15 active members. We sing acapella in small groups, usually 3 or 4 singers. Most of the songs we sing at bedside were written by members of Threshold Choir International, specifically to be sung at bedside. There harmonies are very beautiful, gentle, and moving.

Are you looking to boost your company culture and morale? Volunteering is a great way. If you build a culture through volunteering programs you will see improved retention, increased collaboration, and build a culture that people are proud to be part of. Employees value the opportunity to give back to their community, but it’s always nice to feel like your employer has the same values as you do.

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