Rockton Company Retreat: Cancun 2022

Jan 27, 2022


Here at Rockton it is no secret that our annual company retreat is our most anticipated gathering of the year.  Now that our company spans 8 states the chance to connect and relax together has become more important than ever.  Two years of COVID quarantine has really laid a wet blanket over this crucial element of our company culture. When vaccines started rolling out and the world opened up, we jumped at the chance to reunite in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.


Our mornings were spent tending to essential work topics, celebrating the accomplishments of 2021, and strategizing for 2022.  Mercifully, the executive team decided the team’s need for connection and relaxation outweighed most everything else, so we cut our workdays short and jumped into fun in the afternoons.

Our retreat planning committee had several fun activities planned for us throughout the week.  First up was a scavenger hunt.  We split up into teams and had to find 50 items in 30 minutes.  Bonus points for creativity!  One of the more difficult items to find was a dog. Big thanks to Mike for wearing his honorary Ben the dog aloha shirt on this day!

Next up was a resort-wide pool crawl.   It started out with fun photos and countless jello-shots and ended with Mark Rockwell singing Britney Spears with a sea of drink floaty backup singers.  (*all evidence of these events has been destroyed to protect the innocent)

And then there was the food. So much amazing food!  Here is the Instagram moment of the blog where only pictures can do it justice…


Finally, there were all the memorable moments that bubbled up organically throughout the week. Swimming to shore while a team on jet skies cleared the water of not one, but two sharks! Playing in the surf and sand. Relaxing in the pool reminiscing about old times. And watching the nightly entertainment.


And lastly, crossing our fingers and saying a little prayer as we each had our COVID test and were cleared to head back to the states. Feeling rejuvenated, grateful, and better equipped to tackle the year ahead.


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