Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Products

All Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on products are priced per System User. Rockton Software’s user count must match the GP Full User CAL (Concurrent User) count, which needs to include the 3 users in the initial or starter pack. The Limited users or licenses don’t affect the Rockton user count at all.
When determining the number of Rockton Software product licenses needed for the total concurrent user count, one could verify the Dynamics GP user count on the GP registration key or the number of users on the configuration information page. If referencing user counts as listed in MS VOICE, the customer would only need to match the Full User Count listed plus the 3 in the initial or starter pack (which are currently not listed there in VOICE).
Annual Maintenance Agreement is 20% of current product price, and is required for the first year at time of initial purchase. Click here to review our complete AMA.
Subscription pricing is available for Rockton’s Dynamics GP add-on products. The monthly subscription price will still need to match the GP Full User count. For more information, please contact our sales team at
For international customers, please contact your local Microsoft Partner for applicable pricing.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

All Dynamics 365 applications are priced per organization, with unlimited users. The applications will be billed as a monthly subscription.

For more information, please contact our sales team at