Price Management Software Options: What You Get with Standard, Extended, Omni Price and RPM

Dec 23, 2022

price management software options

Have you been using the standard pricing and are looking for a more robust pricing solution? Or maybe you’ve tried out Dynamics GP’s extended pricing and are wanting even more flexibility? You have options when it comes to price management software in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Some are natively within GP while others are add-ons. We are going to show you four different options and what you get with each.

Psst — If there’s too any words here to read or you’re short on time, you can scroll to the bottom where there is an easy-to-understand comparison chart between GP Standard Pricing, Extended Pricing, Omni Price and Rockton Pricing Management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard Pricing

Calculating simple price changes made easy.

Standard is defined as normal or average and that’s what you get with Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard Pricing. Nothing special. In GP Standard Pricing, you can create different price levels per item to determine pricing. This allows you to assign different pricing to customers. For example, one item could be sold at $5 for warehouse customers, $7 for retail customers, and $6 for a few loyal customers. GP Standard Pricing makes it easy to assign the appropriate price level to a certain customer.

GP Standard Pricing can also calculate a price by using price methods. Let’s say you base a price on the cost of an item (also known as the amount you paid to get the item in stock). Now, you could mark up your cost by a certain percentage by using a price method. GP Standard Pricing would give you the calculated price that equals the base price plus the percentage. So, if you paid $10 and you use a price method of 20%, the price the item sells at and what GP Standard Pricing calculates would be $12. These features are pretty standard (hence the name) for an ERP pricing management software. The add-ons, though, will level up your ERP’s pricing capabilities.

GP Extended Pricing

A sale on this day is done in half the time.

A level up from GP Standard Pricing is its Extended Pricing. Though this is within Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is an add-on that replaces Standard Pricing and must be enabled to use it. Downside — it can be annoying to have to switch between the two.

GP Extended Pricing does add more flexibility to the normal pricing management software. Price sheets and price books are used instead of price levels allowing for time-based pricing and a more elaborate customer specific pricing. Promotions are a go in EP like “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” or “Buy Three and Get One Free”. If you’re looking for a price management software that can handle simple promotions, you may want to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP Extended Pricing. If that isn’t enough for your pricing scenarios, then keep on reading.

Rockton’s Omni Price

Complex pricing scenarios? This is your pricing management software.

Extended Pricing pushes Standard Pricing aside, but if you’re not ready to forgo what you’ve already implemented, then Omni Price is the pricing management software for you. Omni Price sits on top of Standard Pricing. Therefore, all your existing pricing is still valid, can be added to, and can be overridden based on several conditions.

With Omni Price, you get the same features in Standard and Extended Pricing — time-based pricing, customer specific pricing, and price methods — but with more flexibility. Omni Price allows you to create contract pricing by customer, item, date, or a customized filter. So, if only US customers get a specific discount or price, the contract will be sure to set the price correctly without pushing a button. You don’t have to worry about crossover contractors either. Omni Price will honor the highest priority contract automatically. All this and you can implement quantity breaks for your items. In addition, there are 13 different pricing methods to choose from and you can double check using the price check window to confirm pricing. Take a look at Omni Price and what it can do to help you work simpler and easier in Dynamics GP.

Rockton Pricing Management

The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform pricing management software ever available.

Built for distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers, Rockton Pricing Management is the holy grail of pricing management software for Dynamics GP. It does everything that Omni Price does and more. It can schedule future price changes, so you don’t have to wake up at midnight on a Saturday. It tracks royalties, commissions, and rebates to make sure everyone is paid down the road. It even calculates different pricing scenarios in real time so you can give your potential customer a quote faster. You read and watch a video about all Rockton Pricing Management’s features here.

Here’s the Nice Comparison Chart We Mentioned in the Beginning and It Sums Up What We Discussed Over the Course of 800 Words.

Dynamics GP Price Management Software

As you can see, whatever your pricing needs are, Dynamics GP and Rockton Software has got you covered. No matter how simple or complex, we have the right pricing tool for you! Be sure to reach out if you want to get a personal one-on-one demo or join one of our upcoming webinars.

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