One Tool to Make SSRS Reporting Better in Dynamics GP

Jan 31, 2023

Are you looking to minimize time spent curating and sending reports in Dynamics GP? We have the solution for you: Dynamics Report Manager! Dynamics Report Manager is a Rockton add-on tool that makes reporting in SSRS, Crystal, Excel, Report Writer, FRx, and Management Reporter much easier by managing them in one place without launching other programs. A seamless integration allows DRM to bring SSRS and other reports into Dynamics GP. Let us walk you through what that means for you.

Organize Your Reporting Through Folders

DRM Explorer Window is the one stop shop for your users and their reporting needs. To keep your SSRS reports organized so you can find them easier, the DRM Explorer Window allows you to use folders to specify different categories such as Sales, Purchasing, etc.

Schedule One or Multiple SSRS Reports to be Emailed or Printed

Batch Reports inside DRM are where you can email or print one or multiple reports to your customers automatically with one click. To do so, use a SQL Script to define when a report is emailed or printed. Before you hit send on that email, write up an email message to accompany the scheduled report. Let DRM handle the delivery.

Access SSRS Reporting from Almost Anywhere

DRM’s Launch Points will give you access to SSRS Reporting from almost anywhere. Window Additional Menu? Check. Toolbar Floating Palette? Check again. Window Field or Button, Shortcut Bar, Home Page? Check, check, and check! This is especially helpful when you are using third-party products for your customers.

How Does This Help You?

For Accounting and Finance Managers, reports can be pre-scheduled so you can spend more time relaxing and less time working (That’s what we want to hear!). You’ll be able to send out batches of invoices for customers (One and done as we like to say.) and print common reports from a single location in GP (Score!). If you’re a GP System Administrator, DRM will still work for you! It allows you to attach files to emails while saving the file for whenever you want to bring it back. In addition, for security reasons, you can require passwords to access reports that include sensitive information.

Ready to Work Simpler & Easier® in Dynamics GP?

YES?! Let us show you the ropes with a one-on-one demo! If you like to jump in, then go ahead and try our 30-day free trial. If you’re not sure yet, we get it. We’ve compiled a handful of resources to help you decide if DRM is right for you. Start with What You Can and Can’t Do with Dynamics GP Reporting or if you’re a fan of staying in your pjs watching a video, this one is for you.

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