Not Just Dynamics GP Anymore

Feb 4, 2020

In case you haven’t heard, we are expanding our solutions into the cloud space.

We can’t make work simpler and easier®  just for Dynamics GP anymore. With the launch of Rockton Pricing Management came the launch of expansion. This product is built outside with an API so it can work with any ERP solution.

Rockton Pricing Management

Pricing calculations in many ERP systems are limited and restrictive. Many customers need help in this area. This is where Rockton Pricing Management comes into play because it isn’t any ordinary pricing tool. It’s only the most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP!) pricing solution ever available. Why? Because you know here at Rockton, we don’t do ordinary.

Here’s how RPM makes pricing simpler, easier and faster.

  • Connect RPM with ANY ERP system
  • Automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations
  • Enable date-driven pricing with all historical pricing tracked and archived
  • Always get the right pricing for the right customer at the right time
  • Easily set up and track all pricing changes, even daily

Why Acumatica?

It is a robust, affordable, and user-friendly ERP system for growing businesses. They are partner-friendly and Rockton Pricing Management is a great addition to their solution. It fits their customer profile and demographic.

We are taking pricing to the next level by automating pricing calculations for any scenario or adjustment. You create your base price list and exceptions and the tool automatically calculates and creates any price list you need. You will have automated workflows and triggers so you get a much-needed break from daily tasks.

You can integrate rebate management, pricing management, financial management, customer and supplier management and overall business management. And it is all done with RPM and Acumatica.

Diving into the community

We are diving right in by being a Gold Sponsor at Acumatica Summit and by being a founding member of acu-connect. It is important for us to get face to face time with partners and customers. It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Acumatica community. With vast amounts of new technology being added to every release, both by Acumatica and their development partners, there is no shortage of learning to be done.

We have built a company, a team, a family, and supported communities, while we continue to create and innovate products all around our vision and mission.

Working with over 5,500 companies, 100,000 customers and a combined 256 years of ERP and CRM experience, we are ready to take our expertise to the Acumatica space.

Here are some ways you can learn more and get connected:

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