Mark's Musing: Time to Play

Aug 25, 2014

Many of you know that I have two Bachelor Degrees: Math and Theatre. I decided early on that while passionate about theatre, doing the geek thing would more likely pay to put food on the table and a roof over my head. It was a smart choice, but it has been hard, outside of poems, songs, and skits at Microsoft Dynamics conferences, to be involved much in theatre.

MadCap Theater in Denver performs live theatre four nights a week, and as the region’s best comedy producer, they teach classes in improvisational comedy that culminate in a show students perform for their family and friends. Audience members suggest ideas to the cast, and we perform those ideas in small skits. I took one class earlier this year; it was extremely fun. I never imagined I’d be rapping a song about Ikea meatballs while shopping with my college-bound son.

I think taking time out to play is important for the soul. Of course, everyone’s idea of what is fun differs–many have told me they could never be on stage. For me, it’s cathartic to work out my angst through fun characters, while making others laugh. What do you do to play? Do you take time out from the work world and just focus on fun?

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