Make Your Search & Spend Simple in Dynamics GP

Dec 1, 2020

Search and Spend in Dynamics GP


Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your procure-to-pay process?

Ready to find information up to 83% faster?

Let’s discover how to achieve savings and efficiency gains by proactively managing business spend and speed up searching for key records in Dynamics GP.

Take it outside

Extending the functionality of GP by taking the purchasing solution outside which then extends that out to all the users through mobility and allowing them to be able to create those POs and move the process forward. Fraxion is a true cloud procurement software that enables complete spend management – from purchase requisitioning and approvals to expense management and spend analysis.

Why does it sit outside of GP?

The reason the Fraxion solution sits outside of GP is because that’s what makes it easily accessible to users, the interface is easy to use, and everyone can move through the system very easily.

Different Areas of Spend Management

  1. Procurement Side
  2. Expense Management
  3. AP Automation
  4. Spend Analysis

If you look at the PO module within GP, many customers describe it as bulky and hard. It takes up a user to use it and they ‘re using things like Business Portal to potentially do that.

How can you achieve savings and efficiency gains?

Most employees want to make great decisions when they’re doing their purchasing, but because of lack of information that kind of going on gut feel. What we want to do is make those more data driven decisions and be able to put the budgets in their hands.

Give them the information and tools they need at their fingertips:

  • What have we spent
  • What are we committed to
  • Approvals into the right hands
  • 2 and 3 way match
  • Bring it all back into GP

Now you’ll get more control of your spending, automate your workflows, and provide visibility and analytics that allows you to become more efficient.

Do you find that it takes too long to search for things in Dynamics GP?

Think about using Google. You start typing into your Google search bar, maybe you’re looking for ‘snow pants’ as an example. As soon as you start typing the word snow, Google’s anticipating what you are looking for and starts sending you suggestions such as a snow shovel, snowblower, and snow pants. You get that list right away to select the right option a little bit faster without typing in the entire word.

That’s pretty much what SmartFill does for GP and your 3rd Party Solutions. It’s a super search tool. Anyone that touches GP could and should use SmartFill.

Intuitive Places

Have you ever noticed every GP window has lots of magnifying glasses? You may use those for your typical look-ups. Well, not anymore.

Let’s focus on purchasing and vendors. If you use the magnifying glass you have to wait for that list to load of all your vendors or all your items. That can get really time consuming. You’re waiting for the list then sorting the list looking for that Vendor and it can sometimes take a while.

Well, it can get a whole lot easier. You can just type the item description or part of the Vendor’s name into the field and SmartFill will do all the magic. You never have to click on the magnifying glass again!

Out of the box

You don’t have anything to set up. SmartFill is ready to go. There are 20 searchable objects that are searching over 4000 Windows in GP, plus you can add as many of your own as you want as well as customize the existing objects to your liking. As soon as you install this product, which takes about five minutes, you’re ready to search.

These are the tools and the ways to automate your procure-to-pay processes as well as save time and money with a fantastic productivity tool for your entire team.

Next Steps:

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  • Try SmartFill for free for 30 days
  • For a quick review of your procure-to-pay requirements and 10% off your order please contact
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